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October 27th, 2009

This is a small post for someone who says I never post stuff on here anymore. I think you know who you are! And yes, I really should post a little more on here. You want me to make this similar to a twitter site, with numerous small posts? Hell, it might prove interesting to do that!

Is anyone out there waiting on the Karmic Koala release? I have installed the RC1 onto a laptop. So far it isn’t too bad. I just had to disable the damn nVidia video driver that it suggested I activate. Once I activated it, I could barely do anything because the machine was so slow. Luckily with a little patience (which is something I have little of anyway), I was able to revert back to the regular open-source driver. Things are running fine now. But I have not done much. I might post more once I have a little more feedback for it.

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