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Man Shoots Himself with Nail Gun

November 19th, 2007

GLOUCESTER, England – A man who shot himself with a nail gun in Gloucester to get money was sentenced Wednesday to 30 months in jail. David Russell, 38, claimed he was robbed by three men who shot him seven times with a two-inch nail gun. One of the nails nearly went through his heart and had to be removed surgically, The Times of London reports. Local investigators pressed Russell and he admitted to making a similar claim seven years before. In that scam he reportedly received 4,400 pounds ($9,000) in compensation.
The two men Russell said attacked him were arrested and later released. Russell pleaded guilty in the Gloucester Crown Court to two charges of perverting the course of justice. The newspaper reported the local prosecutor, Julian Kesner, described Russell as a “very convincing fantasist,” adding that he has “told the most audacious of lies, including concocting stories of being the victim of the most extraordinary crimes.” The defense, meanwhile, claimed Russell had tried to kill himself on both occasions.

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