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May I Finish My Dessert First?

June 19th, 2006

A motorist was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance after he was caught with two rocks of crack cocaine he had stashed in his ice cream dessert.
Oscar Martinez, of Richmond, Indiana had been pulled over by police after he failed to stop at a pedestrian crossing on the campus of a junior college.
The police officer discovered that Martinez had a suspended driver’s license and an outstanding traffic warrant.
Martinez told the arresting officer that he wished he could finish the banana split he had in his car.
When the policeman saw the melting banana split on the front floorboard of Martinez’s car, he noticed that it was topped with a square-shaped object that turned out to be crack cocaine.
“One of the crack rocks was sitting right on top of the bananas,” said Sergeant Felix Vaughn. “Once I found the first crack rock, I figured there were more inside. I emptied it out and there it was.”
Martinez was arrested and charged with driving with a suspended license, a traffic warrant and possession of a controlled substance.

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