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Green Lemons?

October 12th, 2006
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OK, so who the hell out there has ever heard of green lemons? Jason, Rubenia & I were at Monterrey’s Mexican Restaurant a couple of weeks and the waitress actually said something about having to get a green lemon. I was like what the fuck is she talking about. Who has ever heard of a lime being called a green lemon? Needless to say, we got a kick out of it. So next time you order a Corona, tell them you want a green lemon with it instead of the lime. Let me know if you get a peculiar look like we gave each other after hearing that.
Nothing really special is going on right now. I did go to a concert nearly two weeks ago. It was awesome, even though there were too many drunk idiots there. I got to see Hinder, Crossfade, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace & Staind. It was an awesome show. Now I am trying to find another good show to go see. I have an idea of who I’d like to see (Audioslave among others), but they’re not on tour right now. Keep an eye out for good shows coming to Atlanta & Charlotte and give me a buzz if it’s something good :-)

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