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March 29th, 2004

So who has any dealings with XHTML? Well it seems that is what this blog uses to code my pages. That isn’t a bad thing because MT does a great job for what I need. The only problem that I have found, and I just found it today is the fact that since the scrollbar color changes (only for IE 5.5 or higher) will not work. So I had to adjust my site’s output just a tad. Does anyone have any problems with it? I know the text is a little larger now. But that is the best I can do for now. IT might help anyway, makes things easier to read. But I did get my scrollbars working correctly. I also adjusted my links a tad, I had a few minor problems with those. But they are all better now!

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AP Story

March 28th, 2004

Here’s a story picked up by the AP. I thought it was amusing. I can’t imagine what this poor lady must have felt when this happened. What is this world coming to when police can get search warrants based on your electric bill? That’s just fucked up!! Go read the story here

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Home Automation

March 27th, 2004

Raise your hand if you can tell me what Home Automation is! I recently installed some of these devices in my house. It makes it so nice. I can turn lights on and off via a remote or the computer. The only drawback is that I must turn on my living room lights via remote or computer now. I have no overhead light in there, only floor lamps. I need to get a wall mount switch that will control them. I will put that on my next order of stuff. I have to get a few more switches anyway. IT does make it a lot easier coming home at night now. I no longer have to leave the bathroom light on when I go to work or off somewhere. I can just my pocket remote and turn the lights on before I walk in the house.
The next step I am going to take – when money permits – is to experiment with those nifty little cameras. Of course that will be months, maybe years away as I don’t have money to blow on that right now. Besides I got to spend my money on other things.
I am hoping in the upcoming week to finally put the truck in the shop. I hope it doesn’t cost too much to fix. But there is no telling. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.
I am also trying to gather ideas about Jason’s graduation shindig. I am unsure where to even host it. Ideas anyone? This also brings up the topic of what to get him for graduation. This is something that I’ll have to think about a while.
Well I think I am going to finish my rum and coke and head off to bed. I feel the need to sleep for like 14 hours!! OF course I doubt that will happen. Who knows though!

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Site of the day

March 24th, 2004

My site got put in “Little Johnny Joke of the Day”. Needless to say that made me happy! I made an impression upon someone enough to where they put the link in the mailing for the world to see. It will be interesting to see how many visitors I get.
Of course when I read this last night after work I though “Oh shit, I have to get those two pages up that are down!” So I sat here til 3AM working on those two. I think they turned out ok for now. I will work on them more later. I have some ideas I want to implement. So I’ll let you know when I do that. In the meantime, just know that I finally took off the “Under Construction” pages. I know that was annoying!
I have to go post a reply to Jason’s Blog. I got to let him know that I still read it!

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March 20th, 2004

I’m sitting here kind of bored. Jason’s still asleep. I have a feeling he won’t be up before I even leave for work. There is no telling.
We spent the afternoon together yesterday. I managed to go see the lab where he spends lots of time working. Kind of interesting although I don’t understand any of it! LOL We had lunch at Rhineharts. Of course that food is always good. I will have to say that there were some idiots out yesterday. We were leaving Rhineharts about the time that school got out. I had to put up with the teenage drivers – and some of which justa can’t drive or either just don’t pay enough attention to what the fuck they are doing. I almost got hit by them once or twice. I really don’t think I was that bad when I that age. I certainly hope not!
I just found out that I have a problem with my new checkcard. This is a big problem because I have internet stuff that charges that fucker each month. And all that is about to be charged! I know I called to activate it, but I have no clue what the problem is. I am gonna have to call the bank Monday. They better not give me any shit or else I will just stop using their bank! I am sure they don’t really care about that too much anyway!
Well I must go and get some lunch. Not sure what I’ll have yet though.

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working saturday

March 18th, 2004

Yep that’s right, I have to work Saturday. Of course they said the same thing last week this time and we didn’t work. It’s a weird situation up there right now. Tempers are flying everywhere. I don’t know where it’s all coming from, but some of those fuckers need to chill.
I did see my raise on my check this week. That was surely welcome! I am going to start putting more money in savings. I am still wanting a new car, so by saving I’ll be better off when it comes time to buy.
I was told today that the truck line might be going to three shifts. (They currently only work one shift.) I am seriously thinking about trying to get over there. I am not sure if the work is any harder or not. I know the parts are a lot heavier! The parts I run now weigh about 8 or 10 pounds ( I’m guessing). The truck parts weigh in at about 60 pounds fully assembled! But there are lifts and stuff to actually pick up the parts. I am really not sure what will happen yet.
I know if my back would quit hurting I’d be much better off. I don’t know what I have done to it. But it has been hurting the last couple of days. I Think I twisted it wrong or something. Grin and bear it – that’s what I’ve been trying to do!
I have to go in a few minutes early tomorrow. I order new glasses last week. I hope they are here tomorrow. The best part is the company paid most of it. I think I owe about $20 for them. The company paid like $120! They came up with the rule that everyone had to have side shields on their glasses, so they paid $120 for us to get new ones. I don’t think that’s too bad. I know my last employer wouldn’t pay shit for prescription glasses. They didn’t give a shit if you could see to do your job or not! LOL I hear some of my current coworkers talk about the shit we put up with here, but it still doesn’t hold a candle to my last job! I certianly hope it never gets that way either!
I still have not heard from AccuPc concerning my RMA. I wrote to the complaint dept a little while ago. Maybe it will get something done. There is just no sense in me sending three emails and they go unanswered for over a week. So I am hoping to get something done. If I don’t hear from them, I’ll put it on my list of things to do Friday. I will have a few extra minutes then.

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a must read

March 17th, 2004

Yeah this is a must read. I got my new Advocate in the mail last night. I sat down and started reading. Of course it does help that a cutie like Hal Sparks is on the cover, and also appears in the magazine wearing nothing but a pride flag! And this guy is straight people! But he’s also a riot. I say take a few minutes from your busy schedule and go read the story. I am sure if you are a conservative, it will really piss you off at some of the stuff he says. That’s all the more reason to read it though! You know you wanna! LOL
Of course let me know what you think!

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end of playtime

March 15th, 2004

The weekend is coming to a close. It was not a bad one by far. I did get several things accomplished. I worked on the lawn mower yesterday and got it running. Of course that meant I had to go ahead and mow the lawn. I even managed to ride my bike for a little while yesterday.
I had to work on my car a bit too. I had a problem with the tail and brake lights. I put in new sockets for them, but then I ran into another problem – a sensor. So I had to wire them up to bypass it. The bad thing about that is it makes my light stay on inside the car saying I have a brake light out. I hate to see how much the damn little sensor will cost. I will try to get by the Honda place sometime this week to find out.
I cooked a decent supper last night for Jason and myself. We had cream cheese stuffed chicken, macaroni and cheese, and cauliflower. It turned out very well. That was a good thing being that it has been a long time since I have cooked any of that stuff. Even Jason helped a tad – he grated the cheese! LOL One of these days he might pick up some of my culinary skills. I certainly hope he gets some from someone. If not, he’s going to be in trouble when he moves out on his own. Well, unless he gets himself a cook! LOL
We managed to go to the Outback for supper tonight. I think Jason had too many margaritas this time. I think a bit more and he would have been ready to hug the porcelain god! Luckily he cut himself off before he got too bad. I managed to come home and sit around for a while afterward. I did bake a German chocolate cake tonight though!
I have to go into work two hours early tomorrow. I am covering for a coworker. She’s going to cover for me two hours on Friday. So that gives me a little extra time Friday to do whatever. I am not sure what sort of trouble I’ll get into that day!

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March 12th, 2004

The fed us subs last night at work. I was worried when I first heard that is what we were getting because I kind of figured they’d already be fully made. And as most of you know, I dispise onions (unless they are cooked in something). But they just had the subs and we put what we wanted on them. That was totally cool.
As far as I know I am off this weekend. That is of course unless they change their minds. With these people one can never tell. There is talk about going to one shift sometime around June. These might just rumors or maybe not. I will have to wait and see. I know it is kind of werid. About three weeks ago or so I submited to have my birthday off – June 30 – but it has not been posted on the caledar yet. And yet just this week I submitted for May 14 and it’s already on the calendar. Who understands that one? It just doesn’t make sense to me. But it certain seems to make these rumors hold true. It makes me think I won’t even be on that line come June. That really sucks because I am used to it. I also pretty much like working on that line. I don’t really like the second shift, but I deal with it. It’s one of these things I’ll have to wait and see what happens.
I need to try and do several things this weekend. One of the biggest is getting the lawnmower going. Yep, it’s that time again. I just hate cutting grass! But I’m going to have to start already :-( I also need to make a run up to Daddy’s this weekend. I have to plan out my time wisely. I am not sure I’ll have time for all of it! But I will try.
I finally was able to file a complaint against an merchant. I had to wait a month to do so. I waited an additional two weeks in hopes that the seller would actually send the CD I ordered. I have had no luck. She claims she sent it. Yeah I admit that perhaps it could have gotten lost in the mail I know that happens. But twice? I think not! So the complaint has been filed! Who knows what will become of it. I bet the seller will contact me again and be pissed that I got Amazon involved. She wouldnt’ respond to the first two emails I sent. But once I posted negative feedback about her she didn’t hesitate. She contacted me like two hours later! So it will be interesting.
And while I am on my soapbox here, I need to talk about something else. You know about a month ago I was writing about my CD-RW drive not working? Well I found everything on it and found it was still under warranty. So I contacted AccuPC about it. They just said to send in the item and they’d replace it. Well it has been about three weeks and I have not seen a new drive nor have I got an email from them. I wrote them two days ago asking about the status and I am still waiting to hear from them. IF I don’t hear from them soon, I will have to change my opinion about dealing with them as well. I am getting fed up with people not holding their end of the bargain!

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Little Miss

March 11th, 2004

Of course here are more lyrics for you. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard this song, but it just came on LaunchCast. That’s what prompted this entry.
Been a whole lot easier since the bitch left town
Been a whole lot happier without her face around
Nobody upstairs gonna stomp and shout
Nobody at the back door gonna throw my laundry out
She hold the shotgun while you dote-se-doe
She want one man made of Hercules and Cyrano
Been a whole lot easier since the bitch is gone
Little Miss, Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong
Little Miss, Little Miss Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong
Ain’t no body gonna bow no more when you sound your gong
Little Miss, Little Miss Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong
Whatcha go’n do to get into another one of these here
Rock ‘n’ roll songs
Other people’s thoughts they ain’t your hand-me-downs
Would it be so bad to simply turn around
You cook so well, all nice and French
You do your brain surgery too, Mama, with a monkey wrench
Little Miss, Little Miss Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong
Ain’t no body gonna bow no more when you sound your gong
Little Miss, Little Miss Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong
Whatcha go’n do to get into another one of these here
Rock ‘n’ roll songs
I hope them cigarettes are gonna make you cough
Hope you hear this song and it pissed you off
I take that back: hope you’re doing fine
And if I had a dollar, I might give you ninety-nine
Little Miss, Little Miss Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong
Ain’t no body gonna bow no more when you sound your gong
Little Miss, Little Miss Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong
Whatcha go’n do to get into another one of these here
Rock ‘n’ roll song
Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong…
Who (besides Jason and those who use Google) can tell me who sings this???????

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