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Oh the night is over

January 3rd, 2004

Yep yep, I finished my first night on third shift. It wasn’t too bad. I guess it would have been better if I had slept more yesterday. But it seemed that everyone wanted to keep me awake!
I did get some good news when I went to work last night. I am getting moved from assembly to turning! WOOHOO! I just hope they don’t change their minds about that as I’d rather work in turning. And I have my old supervisor, Scot, to thank for that move.
I also changed my cell phone number last night. I get tired of everyone having to call long distance to call me on it. I now have a local number for people in Aiken AND Augusta. I thought I had an Aiken number, but it turns out that I have a North Augusta number. Those are much better! I was having a problem with my text messages – I was not getting them. But I got on the wire with Verizon this AM and got it all straightened out. I also had to get my voice mail password, as all that got reset. But I am up and running now.
OK, it’s like 9:20 and I’m tired. I shall goto bed in a few minutes, after I rid myself of this heartburn. And I don’t know when I shall wake up! I do not have to work tonight, but I have to go back Sunday night. Have fun!

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