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watching flicks

October 30th, 2003

Yep yep, I rented a couple of movies to watch. The Matrix Reloaded and Daddy Day Care . Both were pretty good. I’ll have to admit that The Matrix DVD was sort of fucked up. I’ll have to get that one again so I can watch it over. I really should just buy it. I think the next Matrix movie is due out next week. I’ll have to check into that so I can go see it.
Work is this weekend, so don’t expect much out of me outside of SKF. I hope things are running rather smoothly up there. It was a really fucked up day Monday. We are supposed to be having a dinner at work on Sunday. I get to make a broccoli casserole to take. That should be interesting as I’ve never made one before. I hope I don’t fuck it up too badly!
OK I guess that’s all for now. I’ll try to write more. I guess. Have fun!

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is anyone out there?

October 21st, 2003

Well I’ve decided to write a little bit here. I know there is probably no need. Yeah, I have a boring life! ROFL. What’s been going on in the last week? I can’t think of a whole lot. Work? Well I think we are changing part types this week. I am thinking of asking if I can go work in turning while we are on this part. That is because I am really not needed in assembly while we run this part.
I am still having to do the physical therapy for my knee. I am dreading when the bill for that comes in! Couple that with the fact that I have to fork out money to fix the truck, it is not going to be a good month next month! I still don’t know what it’s going to cost to fix the truck. I’m kind of scared to find out.
I’m thinking of having a couple of friends over Friday and/or Saturday night. I am not sure yet. I think a lot of that will depend on who’s around and if I get the place tidy enough for guests. I’ll have to say that I’ve actually been trying hard to clean up and stuff lately. Jason came over one day last week and help me move a bunch of boxes and stuff.
I’m definately looking foward to sleeping late and staying up half the night over the weekend! Last night was the latest I’ve been up in a long time. I was up til about 3 or 3:30. I can’t remember which. I know I won’t stay up that late tonight because I have work tomorrow! So I’ll more than likely be in bed by 11. Jason couldn’t handle it tonight, he went to bed about 8:30. I guess since he stayed up til just after 2AM and was back up at 6:30 he’s kind of wore out. One of these days he’ll learn that doing that isn’t such a good idea!
Mike if you read this, I wish you the best of luck tomorrow. Be sure to let me know how things go. I will be here after about 8 PM. You can always email me if you have to bail on the computer or whatever!
Well that’s all for now. Have fun fellas!

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no one’s listening

October 15th, 2003

Does anyone ever listen to me when I offer my two cents? I don’t think so. Take my sister – Krista. I told her a couple of months ago when she was looking for a computer to let me know before she bought anything. And did she? Hell no! But I wish her luck with her new Gateway. She also got six months of free AOhell. I tried to tell her again that she really didn’t need that. Of course she didn’t listen. And now she’s getting her first taste of what it’s like on there. She called me this morning saying that she had to call AOL because her account was locked. It appears that someone got her password and spammed a bunch of people from her account. Well, I told her she should NEVER get out her pw. Maybe she won’t have any more trouble, but with them you never know.
Work was not bad yesterday. Although I have to admit getting to this new boss is gonna take a while. I walked off to go pee, after I told the guy beside me that I’d brb, and the boss said I had to tell him! Well what if that sorry fucker ain’t around? Needless to say that kind of got off with me. I had to just brush it off. What I cannot deal with is the fact I’m getting the run around about my pay raise. I am gonna try to hold off a couple more weeks before asking about it. But I definately feel I deserve it. I still have a couple of the others who have been there a long while asking me questions about some of the machines. IT just annoys me to death. Maybe I’ll get lucky soon.
My knee is starting to feel a bit better. I turned on it yesterday (by mistake) and I heard a pop. I thought that would have done me in, but actually it seemed to help. It didn’t really bother me anymore until I got home last night. And now this morning it’s got a slight ache, but nothing unbearable. I get to goto physical therapy tomorrow morning at 8AM. Just what I need on my day off! To have to get up early!
I just talked to Rubenia. She wants me to join her after work. I’ve got to hear about her new job. She said she likes it. So I’ll get the details later. I need to call Millard and make sure he’ll be there too!
Well I guess that’s all for now.

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doc’s visit

October 13th, 2003

Yep yep, I managed to make it to the doctor’s office today to let them have a look at this bummed up knee. I figured after nearly falling in the shower this morning it was about time. Of course they gotta try the simple stuff first, so I am on this med and I have to go to physical therapy on Thursday morning. So that should be fun.
I got to meet Jason’s friend Mike today. I hope I didn’t scare him too bad! I know I am a weirdo. People just have to deal with me! One of these days I’m gonna get everything fixed up in here so I can invite people over without feeling bad about them coming into a messy house!
Well that’s all for tonight because it’s bedtime! L8r hoes!

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mean am i?

October 12th, 2003

DId you read those comments about me being mean? Now how on earth would someone ever say that? I am never mean! I better watch out because lightning is about to strike! LOL I didn’t mean anything mean by my comments. Hell, like I said at least Dana get get some noise from the sax. I don’t even know if I could do that much!
Old McDonald’s was pretty good. I had flounder, shrimp and crab. I also had the grits and hush puppies too! IT was too much food. I brought about half of it home. When I came home to put that stuff in the fridge, I didn’t stay long. I headed over to the OB for drinks with Rubenia.
I’ve set up my station on launchcast now. Just goto It definately has a wide variety of stuff playing on there. Anything from pop to oldies! This definately beats having to cue up a playlist in winamp all the time!
I think I need to get off of here for tonight so I can go ice down my knee. I think I was on it a bit too much today. I went shopping for a new pair of shoes. I was at the mall and several other places. I feel like I went all over today. So I think it’s about time to call it a day. You sluts have fun!

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let’s make noise.. i mean music!

October 11th, 2003

Yep yep, I got to hear Dana’s playing on her new saxophone. It certainly scared the hell out of a couple of the dogs! Damn.. more later.. She just IMed and said they are about ready to go.. We are going to Old McDonald Fish Camp. I have not been there in years!

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being lazy

October 10th, 2003

I’ve been lazy lately. I have not even taken the time to write in here. I guess it’s mostly because no one reads it anyway. Well if anyone does read it, they don’t have any responses. Maybe that’s a good thing!
Let’s see if I can go over the highlights of the week.
— Monday evening, I went to Mama’s – finally. I can really find nothing wrong with the computer except that she hasn’t been updating Windows. She’s complaining about it being so slow. But let’s see, her MS Outlook PST is over 550 MB. But she doesn’t see the problem with that. She doesn’t believe in deleting old emails. She thinks she will need them later. I think if she has not needed them by now, then chances are she won’t. I tell her to save the email to a ZIP disk, but she won’t listen to me there either. Go figure. I guess I just don’t know anything. I spent the night there and came back home Tuesday.
— Tuesday I came home – much later than I wanted. Millard, Rubenia and I met at the Outback and had a few drinks and a bite to eat. Not much else happened this day
— Wednesday and Thursday – work. I don’t think I need to say much here! I think I mentioned that my supervisor was being moved as of this week and I got a new one. He doesn’t seem too bad. He does like to watch us like a hawk though. He’s very adamant (i think that’s the right word although the spelling’s probably wrong) about breaks and things. I heard he told one person to hurry and get back when this guy was getting some water. But he does have good points too. He told us several times during the days that we were doing a good job or whatever. I think that helps. I know some people could care less, but I personally think it does help morale of the employees. I think we like to be told we are doing a good job and that we are appreciated.
— Friday – Well.. let’s see where today began. Oh yeah at 7AM. And you know how I hate getting up outta bed. But Regina needed me to take Dana to school. I did much of nothing today. When I got back this morning, I got on the comptuer for a little while and then laid around watching TV and reading a book. I still have not finished “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”, although I’ve been reading it for about two weeks. It’s unlike me to take so long to read a book. But it’s getting ready, just slowly. After a while, I decided that I needed a nap. So I went to sleep for several hours. By the time I woke up and got oriented, I missed the time to go pick up Regina’s mower. That thing has been in the shop for like three weeks. I was going to surprise her and just go get it and put it back under the shed and see if she noticed. But I’ll have to save that for another day.
I did finally go see the Old Man. He thinks they might actually let him go home from the hospital tomorrow. I wish him luck with that. He’s been in there a week. I am sure he’s ready to go home now! And look what he get to go home too – Julie Dumbass. Lucky him. I’m glad I don’t have to go home to that idiot.
Well that’s pretty much the highlights of the week so far. I have to give up one more Saturday for orientation – and that is tomorrow. I’ll be glad to get it over with. So I am looking foward to my next three day weekend – in two weeks. I just hope it doesn’t get spoiled and they make me go work. That would suck! If anything else noteworthy happens, I’ll be sure to write it down.
And be sure to drop Jason a line @ and try to cheer him up.. He’s down in the dumps. I’ve tried to help, but I don’t think I’m that good at it.

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work and hospitals

October 3rd, 2003

Is being able to work grand? I think some people truely believe that. I guess those are the people who really love their jobs. Don’t get me wrong, I like my job, but I wish I were rich or something and didn’t have to work. I guess I should consider myself lucky that I do have a job this day and age. There are many people who don’t have one. They are making some more chnages up there, so starting next week, I’m gonna have a new boss. I hope he isn’t too bad to work for. Only time will tell.
They put Daddy in the hospital last night. He keeps getting this fluid build up around his heart and lungs and they don’t know why. They are trying to run tests to find the cause. Good luck to them. It sounds like he will at least be in there all weekend. They aren’t telling him how long yet. Maybe he’ll find out more tomorrow.
I am considering a trip to Vidalia on Monday. That should be interesting. AFAIK, mama is still cussing at her computer and the fact that it still has viruses. I don’t know what to do. I told her that I could fix it all, just by wiping the entire thing. She did not find that amusing in the least. I have never seen anyone so protective of their email. She has stuff from four or five years ago that she says she needs. I just don’t see it.
Well, no one’s really chatting tonight. Of course that has been the case for about a week now. Guess I pissed some people off. It wouldn’t surprise me. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time, and I ‘m sure it won’t be the last! So being no one is talking, I guess I’ll go do something else. Hmmm. drinking a bottle of Crown sounds like an idea….

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BS repair just left

October 1st, 2003

Yep yep. The bellsouth repair technician just left. He said I had a capacitance problem on the line. They had to cut some of the line loops or something. I have no idea exactly wtf he was talking about, but he said I should no longer have any problems. That also increased my line speed a bit. I am now getting about 1.2 or 1.3 Megabit per second download speed. I am coming pretty close the limit on upload at 230 kpbs, the limit is 256. So I am not doing too bad here. Hopefully I won’t have any more problems. That is what I like to think anyway!
Well I am about to go off and meet with Grandma for a while. I have not seen here in a while. So I need to pay her a visit.

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