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It’s official

August 28th, 2003

OK, so as of Sunday I will be officially employed by SKF. I had to go through “benefit orientation” today. It is nice to know that some companies have more quirks just besides being paid a decent salary for what work one performs. I’ll have to say that the benefits are pretty damn good here at SKF. I am glad I made it on here. Hopefully I will be here for a long time. But of course you can never tell when something better will come along. But how many places do you know of where benefits start from day one? I can’t say that I know of many. Most places have a waiting period.
And I know I have not posted here in a while. I have just been really busy. I am trying to get situated where I can move. I am hoping to start that venture next week. I dread just thinking of having to move all my stuff again. I certainly don’t want to do it again after this for a long, long time!
At least I have a friend or two who said they’d help me move. I even had some who offered to help me with fixin’ the stuff in the house before I move – ya know, like painting and stuff. So it’s pretty good. I am definately taking them up on their offers! I am having “painting” party this Saturday. We are all gonna be painting the walls and stuff. I’ll also have someone there redoing the bathroom. So it’s gonna be really busy. I just hope that I get everything done this weekend.
I know my posting will be sparce – if at all – over the next week or two. But once I get settled in my new place, I will be back to posting regularly. I know that both of you who read this just love it! LOL

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dumbasses strike again

August 22nd, 2003

Well I had a really good day – until I came to the place called home! UGH! That sorry idiot Julie Dumbass is here of course. And she can’t even notice an overflowing toilet before it floods the bathroom. That isn’t the bad part. The bad part is she doesn’t even have the common decency to try and towel the carpet dry. So I came home, and walked in to a slushy floor.. She also left the door closed, so it would be ice cold in there! I swear she and Daddy were made for each other. I can’t wait to leave them to one another. It just makes me not want to do the work in my new place and just move in as is, and then do the work as I am living there!
But my good day was because they told me at work that I am not going to be like the other person from the other day. I am not getting laid off. As a MOF, I am getting hired permanently! WooHoo! My official hire date will be 31 August 2003! That means all my benefits and stuff start from that day! And there is a nice little pay raise that comes with that too! The only drawback is they are saying there is a chance I might have to goto night shift. That is not something I am looking foward to doing. I did my time on the night shift before. The one good thing if I have to work nights is the shift differential! It’s like 75 cents per hour. That adds up pretty quick! And they are hiring me just in time to pay me the labor day holiday pay too! And I do have to work on Labor Day if anyone wants to know.
OK, it’s late and I need to get to bed. But I have to calm down first. I am really trying. These next few weeks aren’t going to go fast enough that is for certain! I think I’ll stay at Regina’s tomorrow night. The Race is on tomorrow night from Bristol. Should be pretty good. We’ll see. Another plus is we are planning on having my favorite food, Chinese!

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ob fever

August 21st, 2003

Well, I just can’t stay away! I met up with Rubenia at the Outback tonight for a couple of drinks. I like going during the second happy hour because they have two-for-one appetizers. We definately had a good time. David Walker also joined us.
I managed to get to South Carolina Electric & Gas today. They are supposed to come turn on everything tomorrow. The next step is getting the work done in the house. I have picked out my tileboard for the bathroom and my kitchen flooring. Those are going to require some good manual labor. I hope I can get it done to look halfway decent. I am sure I will require some help in that aspect. I hope to get started next week.
Eddie is supposed to come over tomorrow and check out the work detail. Hopefully he will give me a reasonable estimate for fixing everything.
Well I better get going as I will get up in the morning and take Dana to school. This is one of my new job duties.. rofl

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layoffs and mishaps

August 19th, 2003

Well, today was rather good. I did get to work in turning today. WOOHOO! Good thing, because I didn’t feel like being stuck in assembly all day. According to my supervisor I am supposed to be hired permanently somewhere around the first of September. But I am not sure if I can believe him or not. He also said that another lady was going to get hired along with me. Well we get ready to go home today, and they laid the other person off! I can’t believe that shit. I just hope it doesn’t happen to me.
After all she had been there since like December of last year. And they kept telling her that evertying was just fine and dandy. I think it’s just wrong for them to do that. I hope they don’t do me the same way. I don’t mind if they want to lay me off, but geesh.. don’t lead me to believe I am going to have a job and then drop a bomb on me like that.
Not much else going on right now. I am sitting here at Regina’s. And she just came home with my supper. A taco salad from Mi Rancho! Yum yum! I have not had a taco salad in ages. It will be a welcome change! More later — maybe

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monday sucks

August 18th, 2003

Not much going on today. Work was ok. It would have been better if I could have worked in turning all day. But nooooo.. the supervisor had be go back to assembly after just about 4 hours.. I don’t really like assembly if you have not figured that much out.
Still no word on my raise situation. Maybe I’ll find out something tomorrow. This waiting crap isn’t worth a dime.

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choosing paint colors

August 17th, 2003

I have my paint colors chosen for the new place. I’ll try to get them next week and begin paiting. That should be fun.
Someone ran into my truck today while Jason and I were in CompUSA. Not a good thing. I’m sure that with my insurance the way it is, I’ll have to pay to have it fixed. Not the way I want to be spending my hard earned money. I certainly don’t like paying for other people’s fuck ups. I guess that is just part of life again.
We went to Outback for a while and joined Millard and Rubenia. I think Jason enjoyed hanging out with us. I am not sure if he could stand doing it all the time though! But it’s nice to do every now and then.
Well I’m going off to bed as I have to work tomorrow.

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Freaky Friday

August 15th, 2003

OK, so it’s a lame title. But Regina, Dana and myself did go see that movie today. It was pretty good actually.
Yesterday at work is fairly the same as always. They are still giving us the run-around about the full time hire thing. That pisses me off royally. I did manage to speak to the person in charge at the Temp Place. She said she would check on Monday – I forgot to call her until almost 430 – and to get back to her on Monday. Sounds easy enough. The person she needs to check with at SKF was on vacation this week too. I just hope they would hurry and give my raise. Damn I’ve been working there for going on three months. I think I deserve a raise. My supervisor feels I do too. So I don’t see the problem!
Well, I have totally spent my paycheck. I am definately going to be eating bologna sandwiches next week. And all the gas I buy has to go on the credit card. Good thing it has a little credit left on it. I need to find a way to make some extra money. Does anyone need any computer work done? That could earn me some extra money.
I am hearing of more people having this MSBlast worm thing. I had to go fix a computer with it today. I have not billed this person yet because I got their old computer here to work on as well. I need to get to that tonight and see if I can fix it. I got a feeling it needs a new CD-ROM drive, so I’ll have to wait to get one of those. I am not really sure the machine is worth fixing, but I think it is. At least their kids can play on it.
Always be sure to read the fine print! I have been waiting on a check from my 401-k plan cash out. The letter I received in June said that if I didn’t respond within 60 days that I would get a check – minus the standard 20 percent federal tax withholdings. That’s understandable. But what they tell you in the fine print (if at all in the literature) is that it could actually take up to 1 year for the account to be cashed out. What kind of shit is that? They also make the box for the cash option so damn small I never saw it until tonight! So that means it will be like another month before I ever get my damn money. And I was counting on that money to be able to move! That’s a shame. That pushes my moving schedule back now! Yuck! I was hoping to start moving in about two weeks. Now as it stands it will be more like three or four weeks before I can start moving. I guess it could be worse. I could still be wondering where I was going to move. At least that mystery is solved. I am just not going to be moving as soon as I would like. I’ll have to try to make the best of it. I just hope I don’t have to spend another month’s rent on the storage building. The rent is due again in three weeks. Everyone wish me luck!
I did manage to get up and take Dana to school this morning. I also made the deal with Regina that on my days off – after I move of course – that I would get up and take Dana to school. That will keep her from having to spend so much time at school. That will really come in handy when it starts getting cold and they have to stand outside! I will probably be sorry for accepting that task. I do figure it’s the least I can do for them. They have done a lot for me over the years.
Well, I am off to bug Jason and everyone on AIM.

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being late

August 13th, 2003

Being late sucks. Yeah, I woke up late this morning. And you know how it goes when you wake up late, you just know it’s gonna be a shitty day.. Can’t explain much of it now, I gotta get to bed. I’ll try to write tomorrow. I’ll be at REgina’s tomorrow night since I said I would take Dana to school Friday morning.. joy joy, another day of getting up early.. more to come later

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I’m moving!

August 12th, 2003

WOOHOO!! I get to move in a few more weeks. I actually put the money down for the place tonight. It’s a small, two bedroom house. The best part is that it’s right across from my sister, Regina. This should be fun. I know where I can get supper just about every night :-) Well, I am not too sure about that. But I know it will be so great being out on my own again.
I should hopefully be able to get DSL at the new place too. The thing with that is that I really don’t want to have to change my email addresses. I might have to check in with Earthlink and see if they have a $5 plan or something. IT’s such a hassle to change my email address. And my address at earthlink is where most everyone writes to me. I guess it could be worse though. I guess if I do have to change my addy, it’s no big deal. People will just have to remember to update their address books.
I had supper at Chili’s tonight. I ordered something I will never order again – veggie quesadillas. They had artichoke and spinach in them. They are really different, but I guess I don’t like artichokes and spinach as much as I thought I would. At least Regina gave me one of her Chicken fajita quesadillas. And I had lots of chips and salsa. I also had black beans, so everyone might want to steer clear of me tomorrow! ROFL.
I managed to make it back to the lake tonight about 930. I had to make stop to put the D-Con out in the storage building. I don’t want any surprises when I get ready to start moving my stuff outta there.
I think Jason’s disappointed that I didnt’ come see him any yesterday or today. He’ll just have to get over it. Maybe I’ll see him this weekend. I know Regina and Dana want to go see a movie on Saturday. That should be fun.
Time to hit the hay. I have to get up for work in the morning.

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worms anyone?

August 12th, 2003

Well low and behind I got ahold to one of the damn internet worms going around. It was a real pita to get rid of too. It must be something going good too. I know four other people who had the same thing. And if someone posts that I should have updated my OS, I’m going to hunt you down and kick your ass! LOL
So I am sitting here at Regina’s right now. She is one of the lucky ones who got this thing. It was so bad that she couldn’t even use her computer for it restarting over and over. I think I have it all figured out now though. I need to get everything else up to date on the computers. The last thing I want is to have to go another round with this one.
Alisha called me today wanting some help too. I guess I am getting more popular when someone needs help! That is a good thing. It just makes me want to start charging! She at least isn’t having the worm problem that everyone else was having today though. But her problem still needs a little work. I will get it fixed eventually.
OK, so I am here watching “Absolute Power”. I’ll have to finish my book later, I got interested in the movie this time.

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