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You Gotta See This

December 18th, 2005
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You gotta see this. Jason posted it a few days ago. And yes I am listening to HANSON dammit! Here’s the link to Harry Potter’s Gay Of course you can put your comments here, since someone (who shall remain unnamed) forgot to set comments to “on”! LOL

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Try this!

November 13th, 2005
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Ok, you know you love Google. So give this a try. Go to On the search box, type in “failure” without quotes. Now click the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. Is that not a riot? Let me know your thoughts? Anyone know of any other neat tricks with Google?

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Sawing logs!

March 4th, 2005
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How many of you have pets that sleep with you? Most of you who really know me, know that I have two dogs who sleep with me, Daisy and Amber. I had something funny happen this morning about 3AM. I woke up because Daisy was snoring so damn loud! I woke up looked over and there she was laying on her back with her feet in the air snoring very loudly. I had to wake her just so I could go back to sleep!
Well today I start my second shift schedule. This is kind of weird after having to get up at the crack of dawn (or before) to be at work each day so far this week. So I welcomed being able to sleep until 8:40 this morning. Now I will probably be very tired by the time I get home tonight. I don’t get off work until 11:15 tonight. But I do actually start more training today. I have not did much over the last couple of days. The good new is that I am off this weekend. It will be my last whole weekend off for the next month tho. I might have a Saturday or a Sunday off over the next month, but not together. Although I do have a Friday and Saturday off back to back in a couple weeks, so that is nice. I’ll have to write more when I have more say!

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October 19th, 2004

I found this site that I thought ws funny. Check it out here

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